Trev Williams, Oxford

Trev Williams, Oxford

The challenge for this job was fitting as many panels as we could onto a hipped roof, where the south and west sections that had been chosen were essentially triangular. The solution was to use Trienergia panels which come in triangle and rectangle shapes, which when combined allowed us to get maximum coverage - but not only that; the triangular panels look much better on  this shape of roof!
However a second problem soon appeared. The capping tiles were found to be in need of repair urgently. So we organised these to be fixed whilst we installed the panels, saving the customer money and solving a major problem for him. needless to say he was very happy!

solar pv installation using triangular panels form Trienergia


The job consisted of a mix of 20 triangular and rectangular 'Trienergia' solar PV panels, mounted on K2 hook and rail system.

The inverter was an ABB 3300w.

We also supplied a 'Wattson' metering system. We now supply these as standard with each installation.