Stuart Major

Financial Operative

Stuart is a member of R-ECO having previously established a solar thermal and biomass boiler installation business.   Stuart looks after financial matters including your deposits.  He holds a M.Eng. in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College, London.

He was a founder member and director of Reading's True Food Community Co-operative, a community owned organic food business in Reading which recently won 'Best Retail Initiative' at the BBC Food & Farming awards.  Stuart also successfully ran a community lead healthy eating project for the co-op.

Stuart has converted his car to run on 100% vegetable oil.


Tim Nicholson

Technical Sales

Tim is passionate about helping people install renewable energy systems.

Tim is a chartered surveyor and has worked in both commercial and residential property. He has an excellent knowledge of buildings, renewable energy technology and how the two come together. He is active in his local low carbon community group at one stage running their Low Carbon Living Programme.

Motivated by a desire to tackle climate change, Tim and his partner Jo converted their four bedroom 1960’s end of terrace town house in Central North Oxford to create an ultra-low energy comfortable family home, cutting the carbon emmisions by 86%, The OxfordGreenHouse!

Paul 'Stig' Vernon

Graphic Designer and Installer

Stig is a wonderful graphic artist, and he creates our print designs, including banners for events, posters, flyers, business cards and printed case studes, (as well as his own insightful and often hilarious cartoons which are mostly climate action related!). Not only that, but he takes his painstaking eye for detail and uses it when installing renewable energy systems. The result is meticulous accuracy, and the creative mind's ability to find clever solutions to any problems that crop up whilst completing an installation!

Stig will always travel by bike if possible - and using one of his hand made bike trailers he often gets Solar kit to and from site with Zero emmisions!

Madeleine Young


Maddy is a nimble, quick footed and quick thinking installer, who will have your renewable energy system installed as quickly and efficiently as is possible. Maddy is an accomplished rock climber so she's especially happy high up on roofs installing solar panels!


Paul Rutterford


Paul is a qualified electrician and will have your system up and running, and generating power (and money!) in no time.


Luisa Mellado-Castro


Luisa is one of our regular installers.


Andrew O'Brien


Andrew is one of our regular installers.