New slate roof fixings

2.25kWp Solar PV installation on slate roof

We've just finished a 2.25kWp domestic solar PV installation on a slate roof, during which we used a new system, the 'Genius Solar Flash'.

It worked great and you can see the finished job above.  It provides extra durability and watertightness to the point where the hooks exit the tiles, and the team are really happy with the finish.  It saves using lead and other (not so good) modern types of 'flashing'.  On top went nine 250Wp Upsolar modules.

Genius Solarflash slate tile solar PV hooks

This picture shows the 'Solarflash' hook covers, covered by some very accurately cut, new slate tiles.

(The photo is from a different job)


What's more we took part of the kit to site on a specially designed bike trailer - with the number plate "1 LE55 VAN"!  One of our team designed and made it - it's part of a whole fleet!

sustainable energy bicycle trailer transport


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