Mr and Mrs Jones, Oxford

Mr and Mrs Jones, Oxford

renewable energy solar panels on a domestic roof

This was an interesting installation challenge! Due to access problems, we could only place scaffolding at the front of the buiding, whilst the sunniest part of the roof was the rear, which faced almost due west. The client asked us what results they could hope to acheive with this restriction on mind, and after calcultions were made, we were pleased to see that they would make over £500 in Feed in Tariff each year, as well as saving £350 on electricity bills! The system will have paid for itself in 7 years, and then make a profit for the following 13 years.

The cost of the system was £7500, and used great quality german brand Axitech panels, and this included a monitoring system which acts improve the output of each panel as well.

Size of installation: 4 KW

Number of panels: 16

Solar Edge 3600w inverter and optimsers.

Time to install: 3 days.