Energy Performance Upgrade, Cornwall

Energy Performance Upgrade, Cornwall

ground mounted solar pv system for a listed building

Our client wanted to qualify for the highest feed-in-tarriffs before the cut in August.  However as an Energy Performance Certificate was required to receive the Feed in Tariff.  Therfore an energy assessment was carried out by R-ECO in order to determine the energy efficiency of the property.

From the assessment it was clear that a number of alterations were needed in order to bring the cottage up to the required certified grade.  R-ECO carried out these alterations such as fitting roof insulation, changing lighting to be more efficient and blocking their unused chimney before installing the 3.5kWp ground mounted soalr PV array in our client's garden.

The solar array was a tricky installation in itself due to the nature of its location (seen in the image above) and had in fact been turned down previously by other installers.

R-ECO worked closely with our client to offer a completely bespoke system to fit both their needs and the geographical location!

The customer added  “Your great team have done a wonderful job. Many thanks to R-ECO.”

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