Cornwall's Largest PV Roof Installation

Cornwall's Largest PV Roof Installation


The Renewable Energy Co-operative installs Cornwalls's Largest OFGEM Registered Roof Mounted PV Installation on Prestigious Truro School.

The 1st August saw yet another government reduction in the FiTs (feed-in-tariffs)  and with this came a rush of projects in the months leading up to it. The Renewable Energy Co-operative (R-ECO) experienced an increase in sales over June and July and worked tirelessly to ensure all projects were completed before the deadline.


One such project was an 84.5 kWp installation at Truro School, one of Cornwall's most prestigious secondary schools. Having originally approached Truro School about installing Photo Voltaics (PV) to decrease electricity consumption overheads, R-ECO were successful in beating competition from some of South West's most respected installers. This was largely due to the competitive price, R-ECO’s track record of large installations on educational sites and the proposed system design.

R-ECO worked closely with both the school and structural engineers to ensure that the curved roof of the school's swimming pool was best utilised to maximise the solar panel's self cleaning and yield characteristics.


Damian Hicks, Health and Safety manager of R-ECO said “Working in educational environments can be more complicated than other projects when being around students and busy sites; from safety awareness to strict timekeeping and general housekeeping, R-ECO is now fully accredited and experienced.”

Geoff Fairman, Operations Co-ordinator for R-ECO said of the installation “We were pleased to have won this prestigious project and we continue to build strong connections within the educational sector. This project enables organisations to not only benefit from reduced electricity bills and carbon offsetting but also engages the students and develops their understanding of renewable energy technologies.”


Truro school's installation will be fitted with web-based monitoring facilities that will engage pupils with their PV system, demonstrating how it contributes to off-setting a large proportion of the school's electricity consumption.

To follow up this installation, and in keeping with R-ECO’s co-operative ethos of educating students and communities about renewable energy technologies, R-ECO have offered to talk to the pupils about their PV system; as they often do, following an installation on a public or educational building.