Case studies

Energy Performance Upgrade, Cornwall

ground mounted solar pv system for a listed building

Our client wanted to qualify for the highest feed-in-tarriffs before the cut in August.  However as an Energy Performance Certificate was required to receive the Feed in Tariff.  Therfore an energy assessment was carried out by R-ECO in order to determine the energy efficiency of the property.

Heartlands - A Pioneering Community Project

Heartlands community regeneration Solar PV project

In 2012 R-ECO became part of a ground breaking community project based in the heart of Cornwall.  The 33 Million pound big lottery funded project, named “Heartlands” regenerated a dilapidated mining area in Pool Cornwall into a “cultural playground” for the local community and visitors.

Discreet Ground Mounted System, Oxfordshire

Our client had limited and shaded roofspace thus a conventional roof mounted system would have been small and had a limited return.  The answer was a discreet  ground mounted system contained within an existing hedged area of our client's garden.

The system could therefore be positioned to optimise both the angle and orientation of the array in order to maximise the performance. 

Cornwall College

Cornwall College Brunel Building Solar PV installation

In February 2012 R-ECO was appointed to install 150KW of solar panels on several campuses throughout Cornwall. Working towards the March feed-in tariff deadline R-ECO installed all systems in under 2 weeks!

The systems use state of the art ZN Shine gallium solar PV modules; these panels are doped with gallium to increase their life expectancy by approximately 10% and give greater yields throughout their life span.

Sterts Theatre, Liskeard

On the 13th May 2011, the Renewable Energy Co-operative installed and commissioned its first community project at Sterts Theatre, near Liskeard, North Cornwall. Cornwall Council provided funding via the Strategic Arts Clients' Capital fund, and R-ECO provided match funding for the project. The Sterts theatre is now the proud owner of a 6kWp Solar PV system, resulting in a reduction to their energy bill of an estimated 70%, aiming to make Sterts theatre carbon neutral by 2016.